bento-c-leal-iii  Hi, I’m Bento C. Leal III (familiarly known as Bento) and I love writing poetry. Usually, ideas come to me out of thin air — I’ll be walking in nature, or staring out a window, or hear a conversation that sparks my interest. Then I put pen to paper or type in an MS Word blank page and let the words flow. Sometimes a poem will flow easily and feel good as is. Other times, I may rework a poem until it feels just right. Either way, I love the process of going from a) an idea, to b) start writing, and 3) getting a finished result — something done. It’s not hanging in midair, but done. Like a mini-journey to a destination and actually getting there and feeling  good about it.

I was raised in San Leandro, California — it’s a relatively small city just south of Oakland in the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area. I’ve always loved nature and am a deeply religious person — I believe in God and His hand in my life. I see writing — especially poetry — as a way to express some of those feelings and inspirations.

I’m happily married to my dear wife Kimiko since 1982 and we have 3 wonderful adult children who inspire us every day.

Again, thanks for visiting my website. I hope my writings touch and uplift you.



email: bentocleal3@gmail.com